About Wendy Scott Fletcher

Wendy Scott FletcherWhat do you do?

“Wendy is an intuitive healer. She listens to that part of yourself that is ready to take the next step in your life’s journey. Scanning your energy field, she picks up messages from your guides and hers about what is going on in your life right now.” This was channeled to me from my guides, when I needed a blurb for an upcoming Expo.

My guides also channeled:

“You heal the past to heal the now. Things happen. You retrieve that part that is ready for healing energy, vibrational healing, if you will, and this is so. When you do this healing you tap into that part calling to be healed, so that the person can continue their path. Sometimes it is only a readjustment. Sometimes it is bringing through messages or energies and this too provides a healing.”

In my work, I start above your head and use my hand in a left to right motion to “scan” for anything that is “off.” My hand just stops over an area and I will either hear a number meaning there is an emotional blockage, or I get a picture in my head of some muscle/operation or I will hear that body part’s name like knees and, “Stop!”. It all comes so fast. This is called Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. Sometimes I will feel my knee hurt and then I know there was an accident. It all depends.

I also clear land and houses of energies that are stuck. When someone who is still hanging around this world & can't seem to find their way to cross over, I have assisted with that. Sometimes I will see someone "sitting by the side of the road," and they do not understand that they passed in an accident. Usually, I am assigned the more challenging cases.

Sometimes people leave their anger or sadness in a place. I will be told how to disperse it.

Counseling people who are "just waking up," or are experiencing more and more energy is also a service I provide. I assisted many with the help of Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Animals and the Elementals (Fairies, Elves, Devas).

If you got chills reading any of the above, please give me a call. (603) 479-8188


When did you begin this work?

I began this journey in 1985, the night my father-in-law passed away. Since then, I have used my gifts to work with others to help them learn more about themselves. It is a discovery process for both my clients and me, knowing that there is a way to unlock some of the mysteries that hold us back. I have helped many to see and understand these patterns.


Talking to People on the Other Side

In December 1984 my father-in-law had been diagnosed with lymphocytic leukemia. His doctor gave him from 2 months to 2 years to live. By the end of February, I was beginning to feel the strain of not knowing what was going to happen. I would have to start pacing myself as to how much emotional support I was giving my husband, or I would be of no use to anyone. How could I find out how long his father was going to live, I wondered?

A couple of weeks later I walked into our apartment from doing errands and before I had taken my coat off, I felt this urge to turn on the television and watch "People Are Talking." This was a syndicated show in many big cities, but locally produced, to highlight local interests. In my head I thought it was silly to do this because there was only 10 minutes remaining in the show.

An attractive woman in her early 30's was sitting on the couch holding a ring in her left palm. Unbeknownst to her, the ring belonged to one of the staff from the show. She said a couple of things about the owner that made the host's eyes widen. "Yes,” he said, "That is correct." Again, she told something about the owner. Again, the host's eyes widened. This woman was a psychic. I had heard of psychics, but had never met one.
When they broke for commercial, a phone number flashed across the screen. I rushed to the phone without hesitation, called the number, and before the show returned, I had an appointment to see her in two weeks.
As I pulled up to a large Victorian home in Jamaica Plain, I knew I was doing the right thing. The place was the home and office to Steve, the man who ran the Center. He welcomed me and led me into the front parlor and asked me to wait.

Rushing into the room and seating herself in the chair opposite me, Julianna apologized for being late; she had just come from visiting her mother in the hospital. "Give me a minute to clear," she said. After a moment of silence she said, "There is someone close to you that is very sick. He is male and …." My mind was reeling. How did she know?

"That's why I am here," I replied.

We talked for a few minutes and then I asked her when he would die. There was a long pause. "He will not live past June 1st of this year," she stated flatly. Later, when I became friends with Julianna, she shared with me that she had never been given permission from her guides to share the time a person would pass. It was not done. But, her guides were insistent that I have the information, so she told me. I was grateful. I could give my husband the support he needed.

It was a Friday night, at the end of April. My husband's office was throwing an Open House for the new addition. Someone said the babysitter was on the phone. She had just received a call from my husband's brother saying that Dick Senior had taken a turn for the worse and that we needed to fly down as soon as possible. We left the next morning.

Lying motionless on the bed in the ICU, he did not look like the man I knew and loved. One by one all of the 6 siblings arrived. The last to get there was Annie, Billy's wife, on Monday morning. The rest of us waited in the waiting room while she sat with him. I remember that room vividly. The windows were floor to ceiling, narrow, rectangular windows that looked out over the hospital grounds. We had all been given time alone with Dick Senior. I had thanked him for all the love he had given me. He might have been cantankerous on the outside, but I knew that, in his own way, he cared deeply.

OnTuesday night around 11:30 the door to Dick Senior and Mary's condo opened and in they all shuffled. Julie, one of the 3 sisters, and I had stayed behind to take care of our young children, awaiting the latest news. There were still two more to come in, when the phone rang. "He is not going to last the night," repeated the person who answered the phone. They all did an about face. I would stay with our daughter, then 18 mos., and Julie’s 11 month old who were both sound asleep.

Silence. I was alone. The stillness of the condo was peaceful. I was standing on the far side of the dining room table doing something, when I felt as though someone was coming in through the front door. I turned and "saw" Dick Senior. I did not see him as I would see you, but I saw/felt him.
"What are you doing here?" I heard my mind ask.

"I want to make sure that Mary can find all the papers," he replied.

"Oh," I replied.

I felt him brush past me. He was looking in the silver casserole dish on top of the side board even though nothing moved.

"Go ahead and do whatever you need to do," I said. "I'm going into the front bedroom and close the door." "Do anything you want, just DON'T SHOW YOURSELF TO ME!"

Heather was sound asleep in her travel bed. I looked at my watch. 12:30, May 1st. A couple of hours later my husband crawled into bed and said, "He's gone."

The next morning the clock on top of the television console was working. Mary reported that it had not been working since before Dick Senior went into the hospital. Also, the ice maker that had quit working the week before was now working. Dick Senior did love to fix things. Interesting.

Since that night Dick Senior has "dropped by" several times. I have talked to many others and helped several cross over, but it was Dick Senior who opened the door, and I am grateful.


How do you get the information you give to people?

I am Clairvoyant - (clear vision) See with the mind’s eye objects, colors, symbols, people, spirits or scenes. These pictures are not visible to the naked eye and usually flash into the my mind. And, I am Clairaudient - (clear hearing) I perceive sounds or words from the spiritual realm. I have a main guide I can always count on for Truth and Clarity.

I am a Channel and I use this form of telepathy, receiving thoughts from Spirit in my mind; I can sense which thoughts are mine and which are the Guides or Angels that are coming through. Sometimes deceased relatives have shown up with a message. Many times when I bring through messages the person across from me will get chills.



People ask me if I have "had this" since I was a little girl. In 1991, I was a housewife from a suburb of a large city, married to a doctor and we had two girls ages 8 and 4. It was around the time of Son of Sam, that notorious murderer from New York City. I knew he was incarcerated, but somehow I believed he had managed to get inside my head. A male voice was talking in my head. I thought I was crazy.

The voice was not mean, he did not tell me to do crazy things nor did he paint horrendous pictures in my mind. He just started having a conversation with me much as if we were old friends talking on the phone. At no time did he ever or has he ever told me to do anything that would in any way hurt someone verbally or physically.

After a few days of hearing this voice, I got down on my knees one morning beside my blue and white bedspread and asked God to please give me a sign that what I was hearing was TRUTH. That is when I started to twitch. My head shook. A week went by. I called the Channel I had seen a couple of times. She was with a client, but the woman who worked for her replied, "Wendy, we all hear voices!" This was a shock. Shari said it as if I was the one that was crazy. I had known Shari for a couple of months. Why would she lie to me? She would not, replied the voice. I shook. Over the years I have pleaded for another truth sign; sometimes people thought I must have some sort of palsy or rare disease because I shook.

I continued to shake. Yet, when I heard answers to questions I thought I was making up, I was extremely thankful to have immediate confirmation. Now, besides or instead of shaking, I get chills up and down my spine. Sometimes the chills are all over my body and I feel this warm glow, as I am experiencing now.

It has been 20 years since that prayer and I can honestly say I still question and I still doubt. And that is how it should be. I never want to be totally complacent and trusting that the voices I hear are always angels, guides or someone who has passed over and it is important for them to come through with a message.

The other voices started one day while I lay in bed after having sprained my ankle. I had been helping my then 9 year old daughter's softball team warm up and I stepped the wrong way. At first I denied that I had hurt my ankle. I managed to get into the car and drive home. Within the next hour my ankle looked like I had spent 5 days sitting upright on a bus crisscrossing the country without stopping. Then the pain set in.

At our local Medical Center the verdict was a severe sprain, and I should stay completely off my feet for at least a week. Staying in bed for a week did not sit well with my constantly-in-motion personality. I read and was catching up on some much needed sleep. While lying there, I started talking to my now "friend." Soon I started to hear other voices. My gift for distinguishing voices has been with me ever since I can remember. It would annoy Jr. High boys no end when they would call my house, anonymously, and I would say, "Oh, hi, Larry. How are you? Click.

Now this gift was really coming in handy. One voice after another would say hi and share stories with me. I started writing them down, writing furiously not wanting to miss a word. Well, I would write almost a paragraph and then another, louder voice would start to talk, drowning out the other; talking fast about what they wanted to say. Pages and pages of words dictated by voices and voices filled my notebook. It was a frantic pace. I decided to call my teacher, the Channel I had begun taking workshops from. She would know how to make them all stop. Her reply was, "Stop channeling." That was novel. Could I do that? She said if I told them to stop, they would stop. Something about Universal Law and that they would have to respect my wishes. Also, they would have to say if they were of the Light. Again, something about Universal Law that a voice has to identify itself and say if they were of the Light (the good guys) or of the Dark (not with the highest intensions).

This was all still so new to me. I hung up the phone perplexed and waited. The next voice I heard, I asked, “Are you of the Light?” It replied yes. I thanked them for visiting me and said, "I want you to go". "OK," was the reply. That was easy, I thought. Foot elevated, ankle getting colder and number from the ice pack, the minutes clicked by as I lay there.

Another voice: Who are you? Again, I was gracious and thanked them for visiting and said good-bye. After awhile there were no more voices. It was as if I had told them to put my name on the DO NOT CALL list. Silence.

Today, I tell my clients to think of a dimmer switch. If you don’t want to talk, just turn the dimmer switch down, but never off. You can always turn it up later. And, don’t forget to ask if they are of the Light and if they are a from a higher vibration. Wendy