About Wendy Scott Fletcher

What do you do?

I offer a unique form of guidance, knowing that our souls have the wisdom to know what it is that we most need in any given moment. I communicate directly with that part of yourself that knows what's what holding you back. My mission is to be a clear conduit for information to come through to help facilitate your growth and that of others; to assist you in finding out what is the next step in your journey. I will assist you, wherever you are, to go to that next level, thereby increasing your understanding.

I work out of my home, expos & fairs across New England. Please stop by if you are in the area. Check my "What's Happening" page for more listings.

Phone consults: Call or email me to set up an appointment. Because I am able to walk into other dimensions to retrieve information, it doesn’t matter where you are, or where I am. Your guides and angels plus “THE TEAM” for your session all drop by to share their messages.

Appointments: Text or call (603) 479-8188, first word "Reading"




Wendy assists you to get clarity about issues and relationships. She sees patterns and pictures that help you make connections with what you already know. These connections will enable you to broaden your awareness and help you reach a level of understanding that brings peace of mind. She is marvelously gifted and able to get connected with your own inner wisdom. Maureen St. Germain, Flower of Life Workshop Facilitator

I just wanted to say thank you again so much for the enlightened experience.You are a true healer and so nurturing. A. D. Pittsfield, MA. June 2011


Journal Writing Classes

Bring your unconscious thoughts to consciousness through Journal Writing. Learn ways to remove writer's block, and help you think more clearly. Journaling is a means of expression to reveal what you are really thinking. Types of journals, how to set them up, and why daily journaling is so important will be explored.